About Brooklyn

How do you maximise the value of your assets, your data and your business?
Ask EdgeMethods.

We combine brain and brawn; EdgeMethods’ expertise with powerful Microsoft technology.
Problem solved.

Agile and ambitious businesses are forever exploring what’s possible with technology and building partnerships to help them achieve it. EdgeMethods helps companies realise business value through the customised design, deployment and adoption of Microsoft’s IoT solutions. We combine strategic consultancy and technical expertise to help organisations unlock business opportunities with technologies that transform productivity, increase automation, unlock insight and stimulate business value. We show you what’s possible, what’s relevant and what’s right for your business. And we deliver it. Because your goals are our goals.

About Brooklyn

We’re your partner.

Meet our partner… Microsoft.


EdgeMethods is a trusted Microsoft partner. All our solutions are built using Microsoft’s leading-edge IoT technologies. Microsoft is in the vanguard of technological innovation. Its suite of business solutions continues to reimagine automation, rethink connectivity and redefine business intelligence. It’s little wonder that so many businesses all over the world use it to maximise their business value.


IOT Data Sheets

The low-down on our products and services.

Fleet Management Solutions

Putting you in the driving
seat with cost-effective
fleet management.

Service Optimisation Solutions

Keeping customers happy
by optimising machinery
service intervals.

Mobile Asset
Tracking Solutions

Helping organisations to
locate, manage and
secure moving assets.